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Latest episode: Episode 004

Watch Wonderful Precure!

The 21st installment in the Precure series.

Animal Town is a town where animals and people live together. Iroha loves animals and is good friends with her dog, Komugi! One day, a mysterious creature, Garugaru, wreaks havoc in the town! However, in order to protect Iroha, Komugi transformed into human form and became a Precure...! I have to save the child animal whose heart is being garugaru-ed...! Let's join forces and return the animals to Niko Garden!

(Source: Crunchyroll News)

Other name: わんだふるぷりきゅあ!

Genres: Fantasy, Mahou Shoujo

Date aired: Feb 04, 2024

Total episode: 4 eps

Status: Ongoing

Views: 8,941

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