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Watch Akage no Anne: Green Gables e no Michi

The story covers Annes' arrival at Green Gables, where she has travelled to to live her new live with the Cuthberts after having been in an orphanage for half a year. Anne, an orphan full of character and imagination, already imagines her wonderful new life and how things will turn better in her life from now on. Unexpectedly, when she arrives at Green Gables, she has to learn that there has been made a fatal mistake as the Cuthberts wanted to adopt a young boy of her age instead. Therefore she has to face another difficult point in her life, whether she'll be able to stay in Green Gables or being sent back to the orphanage. Or even worse, she might be sent to stay at the house of Mrs. Blewett, an elderly, strict and very intimidating woman. For once, will she be able to overcome even more difficulties and find at least a little bit of kindness and happiness?

Status: Completed

Views: 23,886