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Japanese food, especially sushi, has become an internationally beloved cuisine, especially with the announcement of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. But there are always restaurants that look to capitalize off the reputation of traditional Japanese food. They serve dishes like rolls covered in cream cheese and teriyaki sauce, monstrosities that belong nowhere in a real sushi restaurant!

Enter the Sushi Police. The defenders of Japanese culture and tradition, the World Food-culture Conservation Organization was created, and its 9th Unit was ordered to smite down any restaurant in the world that besmirch the name of sushi. They travel the globe in a giant ship-shaped blimp, literally landing on the offenders, leaving a destroyed restaurant in their wake.

Other name: SUSHI POLICE(スシポリス)

Genres: Comedy, Police

Date aired: Jan 7, 2016 to Mar 31, 2016

Total episode: 13 eps

Status: Completed

Views: 225,719