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Although it is a miracle that Kaginado Academy remains standing, Yuri Nakamura and her cohorts vow to retaliate against the god that created their universe. Pointing out its many absurdities, she proposes that the academy is actually a stand-in for the afterlife.


Yuri's theory makes everyone restless; some begin questioning and even second-guessing their own memories. However, not all agree with the notion, defending the fact that their current existence is a result of their past rather than the interference of an omniscient being. Life at Kaginado Academy continues to be frenetic—despite how much the students want it to be otherwise!

Other name: かぎなど シーズン2, Key, Etc., 鍵等

Genres: Comedy

Date aired: Apr 13, 2022 to Jun 29, 2022

Total episode: 12 eps

Status: Completed

Views: 20,019